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The optimum elevation for baby head, chest and stomach will reduce acid reflux, as well as nasal congestion caused by colds or flu and help your little one to sleep more soundly. High density memory foam gently supports baby's head and body. Fits all standard cribs and helps with the transition from bassinet to crib.

Universal Baby Crib Wedge Pillow is designed with the doctor-recommended  incline which safely elevates your baby's head to improve sleep, reduce spit-ups, and relieve congestion.
This pillow has a removeable waterproof, hypoallergenic cover is easily cleaned with warm water and soap.
All elements to this product are free from harsh chemicals; It's designed with comfort and your baby in mind.
The pillow wedge is made from high density foam to keep your baby comfortable and safe all night long.
The pillow is universal for all sizes and styles of cribs and toddler beds. The wedge is designed for a secure, stationary fit under any fitted sheet.
Place Baby Inclined Sleeper at the head of your child’s bed or crib mattress.
Ensure that baby’s bottom is on the mattress with back and head on the pillow for elevation.

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