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With only you and your baby/kid in our mind, we started producing Mamas Gift 500+ items. The name was inspired by our will to offer every single Mum a real gift that will facilitate her life while dealing with and exploring her new little “treasure”.

Making use of our country’s one-of-a-kind resources of unbeatable cotton and materials, we started to go as soft as we can in order to be as kind and tender as mum’s skin to her delicate baby’s skin.

We started by covering almost all newborn essentials from bathing, sleeping, and feeding necessities, then we shifted to toddler’s and preschooler’s high-end items ending with family board games; this, with us, you will find lots of “one-of-a-kind” products for every family member.

Finally, we want you to rest assured that the safety of your child is always our top priority; this goes hand in hand with our eagerness for appealing designs and advanced functionalities which make your daily life with your baby significantly easier.