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The zigzag effect underneath the baby allows for better support. The Bear Bath Sponge Cushion is a wonderful, easy, and safe way to bathe your newborn. This specially-designed cushion is made with slip-resistant material and is contoured for comfort. It's perfect for sponge bathing your baby on the counter, changing table or in the bathtub. Comes with 3 bathing sponges.

- Taking a bath isn't just about getting clean - make bathtime an enjoyable experience your little one will look forward to with this adorable bear bath sponge.
- Slip-resistant foam material for safe bathing.
- Foam cushion can be used in sinks, baby bath tubs, and adult tubs.
- Quick drying foam allows for fast clean up.
- Contoured shape, cushioned edges, and a slight incline support baby’s head, neck, and back.
- Offers a wonderful, easy and safe way to bathe your newborn.
- Specially designed cushion is contoured for baby's comfort.
- After bathing, rinse with warm water and air dry.
- Comes with 3 bath sponges.

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