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Mamas nursing pillow will provide soft and comfortable support for your baby while breastfeeding. The adjustable height allow you to choose the right height and feel more comfortable. This nursing pillow is very suitable for cross-leg care or lying on the side (ideal for mothers who have a C-section).

- Adjustable height allow you to maintain the perfect breastfeeding position; change the height to best fit their size when your baby grows.
- Multi-function use can serve as a Pre-Natal pregnant pillow, Postnatal nursing pillow, sleeping pillow and foot pad.
- Easy to carry, can be easily folded.
- Come with silk ribbon for fixing, which makes it perfect to be used while travelling.
- Adjustable height helps you maintain good posture during feeding and prevents sore back and neck
- Arm and elbow rest eliminate shoulder stress.
- Creates ideal positioning for mom and baby.

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