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Pillows are made of breathable cotton and high-quality fabrics, and can be used in all seasons. The cushion helps to support the baby's head, and can work well with car seats and stroller belt systems. Comes with car seat and stroller strap covers that are ideal for covering any seat belt (pram, stroller straps or car seat straps)

- Mamas Car Seat support provides the ultimate comfort and support to your baby’s head, shoulder and torso; keeping him perfectly stable and comfortable in the car seat.
- Relieves pressure on the back of your baby and provides support for developing neck muscles during the early months.
- Helps protecting the round shape of your baby’s soft head, reducing the risk of Flat Head Syndrome.
- Includes two padded harness strap covers to prevent irritation from standard harsher seatbelts.
- Perfect for use in car seats, strollers, bouncers, high chairs and infant swings.

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