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Simply lay your little one flat, tickle their tummy, pop on the hood and wrap them up warm and dry in seconds. being swaddled helps baby feel the sense of security and comfort they experienced in the womb, so they're relaxed and calm ready for bedtime. babies lose heat quickly, so wrapping your little one in a towel as soon as they're out of the water can help prevent chills. this super soft towel has a hood featuring adorable penguin.

- Wrap baby warm and dry - this super soft swaddle towel is the perfect way to make sure your little one stays warm and cozy after bath time or swimming.
- The soft hood keeps warmth in around your baby's head.
- Great for newborns and small babies - this swaddle dry towel allows you to swaddle your little one easily with no complicated wrapping.
- Made from hypoallergenic microfiber toweling - skin friendly hypoallergenic fabric is perfect for baby's sensitive skin and stays soft wash after wash.
- Suitable for babies 0M+

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