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Newborn lounger provides a place for baby to lay back and relax comfortably. Baby can play with two fun toys on the overhead toy bar. Bolster provides expertly designed support for tummy time. The toy bar adjusts so the two toys can be perfectly placed in front of baby and moved to encourage tummy-time fun.

The Lounger folds in half to surround little ones and provide balance and support they learn to sit up (and lounge back) unassisted.

- The design provides a soft gentle incline for baby to relax
- Tummy time helps develop head, neck and shoulder muscles
Provides cushioned support while mum plays and interacts with their baby
- The laid-back lounger is a unique positioner and infant play mat that transitions through 3 stages of development
- Stage 1 acts as a new-born lounger, providing the perfect place for little ones to lay back and relax, or play with the fun toy bar
- Stage 2 acts as a tummy-time mat, with a fun toy bar and two removable toys.
- Stage 3 folds in half to provide a cushy positioner that props little ones up as they learn to sit up (and lounge back) on their own
- Lightweight and foldable. Easily move from room to room.
- Designed for baby’s awake time.
- Suitable for 0 Months and above.

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