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Feel comfortable knowing you are getting a safe product for your home and children to play on. The high density EVA foam used to make these tiles provides excellent support and cushioning, and is made from premium quality EVA FOAM with Non-Toxic Phthalates.

- Multipurpose Interlocking Multicolor Foam Tiles.
- Each pack conthains nine tiles 50 x 50 cm for a total coverage area of 1.5 M x 1.5M.
- The lightweight and durable interlocking puzzle tiles design is easy to set up and change to your needs.
- These Anti-Fatigue EVA Foam Mats are shock absorbing and are perfect for gyms, exercise rooms, play areas, schools, nurseries, trade shows, daycares and anywhere you need a soft cushioned floor.
- These tiles are water resistant, non-skid and non-slip, light weight, noise reducing, and easy to clean.

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