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How adorable is this? Now your little ones can rest assure on long travel trips. These small toddler size neck travel pillows would be a great addition to any car, train, plane or even stroller ride.

This pillow is made with adorable designs cotton fabric front. The Toddler Neck Travel pillows measure approximately 12” wide, 11” long and 13” circular neck while relaxed. Includes premium poly-fil fiber stuffing

- Make Sitting and Sleeping away from home as comfortable as possible.
- Provides neck support simultaneously to the head, neck and chin.
- Smartly designed total support travel pillow and headrest for kids.
- Perfect for 'on-the-go' time, in the car, stroller, plane...
- Our child neck pillow, which is a great option for travelling on car, airplane, train, bus is also the coolest way to comfort your kids sleep and journey during a long flight.
- Can be used while watching TV on the bed or couch, sleeping or reading , also can be a good choice for adults women teen girls office home napping.
- Easy to clean machine washable use cold water on gentle cycle then hang dry.

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