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Filled with high-quality filling and covered by a super soft fabric with the hook & loop fastening tape opening/closing. It won't irritate the skin and also does not damage clothes in any manner. This ergonomic auto car seat belt cover can fit all types of seat belts and easily slip onto almost all car seats.

- Extra Comfort & Support for Sleeping child in Car.
- A great way to support the head, neck, and shoulder when your little one sleeps in a car to provide complete and total lateral support as far as the upper body is concerned.
- Slumping or slouching often is a major problem with children when sleeping in a car. Having seat belt pillow for kids will help your little ones having a quality sleep and the duration of sleep is also much longer.
- Easy to use, just add the universal seatbelt pad onto a seatbelt
- Perfect Size - car seat belt pillow universal fits for children's neck and shoulder.

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