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Babies need a nurturing and cozy surrounding and feel calmer being in a smaller environment, which mimics the mother’s womb. Mamas gift creates a soft and tender surrounding for little ones to lie in and feel snug and comforted.
Mamas Gift Sleepy nest is both a luxury and a necessity for any parent who wants their little one’s earliest months to be nestled in a happy and healthy cocoon of comfiness.

- Using the Mamas Gift Sleeping Nest, you can safely put the newborn baby down anywhere. 
- All fiber compositions are designed to create an optimal micro climate. A waterproof, yet breathable, mattress cover protects the mattress pad from absorbing liquids. 
- A patented and fully tested multifunctional pod for your baby: 
- For all around the house; awake, resting or sleeping
- When bed-sharing and co-sleeping
- As a crib or cot insert
- As a play pod and lounger
- For tummy time
- As a changing station
- As a travel bed or when visiting family and friends

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