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This baby travel pillow is suitably sized for toddlers and babies, particularly for travel and rest, can also use in the car, airplane, train, bus, or at home. The pillow is ergonomically designed for babies aged 6M+

- Mamas Gift super soft Travel Pillow is Designed specially to provide your baby with a safer and more comfortable sleep especially in long trips.
- Our custom design will grant your baby the head and neck support they need on the go or while sleeping in their car seats.
- The soft well padded pillow Ensures your baby’s head and neck are supported to enable easier breathing and more comfortable rest.
- Cotton production quality, soft, durable, breathable. 
- Reduce cervical spine pressure and prevent cervical spondylosis. 
- Great kids travel pillow for car, airplane, train. 
- Adorable nice design with Prince/Princess theme

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