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The lining is water resistant and a zipper closure prevents leaks and odors from getting out of the bag while it contains wet or liquid items. It can be used in a diaper bag for cloth diapers or while traveling to store toiletries or cosmetics.

Prevent the dreaded shampoo explosion by traveling with your liquids in a sealed wet bag! It is also great for storing a wet swimsuit or swim trunks. A zipper closure ensures things will stay put.

- The better alternative to single-use plastic bags; use over and over again!
- Reusable for Travel, Beach, Pool, Diapers, Wet Swimsuits & Toiletries
- Mamas Gift Wet Bags without a cotton layer, stains and smells don't stick to your bag.
- A smooth zipper closure locks away the mess.
- Mamas Gift wet bag fabric is 100% polyester with a waterproof coating embedded into the fabric and our heat-sealed seams keep the mess where it belongs – inside the bag.
- Our fabric is wipeable
- Bags are single compartment
- LOTS OF USES – Not just for wet stuff – these bags make excellent organizers for accessories, toiletries, travel and more!

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